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  1. General Questions
  2. Questions About Installation
  3. Questions About Materials
  4. Questions About Removal
  5. Questions About Insurance
  6. Questions About Energy Savings
  7. Questions About Warranty and Policies

General Questions -

  • What size of homes or commercial properties does Custom Christmas Lighting specialize in?
    • Custom Christmas Lighting, LLC specializes in custom displays for homes from 1000 sq ft and commercial properties of any size.
  • How much should I expect to spend the first year?
    • Each house or business is different and each budget will be different. Leasing materials, installation labor and removal labor on a residential application, your budget will start at $250 and a commercial budget will start at $500.  It's FREE to get a personalized accurate quote!
  • How much should I expect to spend the subsiquent years?
    • After the first year, cost is based mostly on labor and is usually 20% or less depending on the cost of materials leased during your first year.
  • Can additional materials and labor be added?
    • Yes, we customize around your budget.
  • Christmas lights are out, what do I do?
    • 1st Check to see if they are plugged in.
    • 2nd check any GFI outlets inside or out, are they thrown?
    • 3rd check the Breaker Box, are any breakers thrown?
    • 4th does the outlet work? Try plugging in a hairdryer to test it.
  • What if all is good and the Christmas lights are still off?
  • What is your work schedule?
    • Call any time of the year, 8am - 5pm, Mon - Fri.
    • We work September 1st - Mid February, 9- 5, M -F
    • Closed Saturdays & Sundays
      Closed Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day
      Closed Christmas Eve through New Year's Day
    • NO repairs on lights on or after Christmas Eve


Questions About Installation -

  • Do we have to sign a contract?
    • No! Some companies have you sign a contract to lock you in for the following year(s). We will do an outstanding job to earn your repeat business year after year, no contracts!
  • How do you install Holiday Lights and related materials?
    • We use universal clips that fit your roof or gutters - NO DAMAGE!
    •  We use Hot Glue to secure to unpainted surfaces.
    • We use Zip Ties that are color coordinated around downspouts.
    • We use quality materials that blend with your background surfaces.
  • Do you install any permanent materials?
    • Only upon approval.
  • Does Custom Christmas Lighting do icicle lights?
    • No. The wind and cold weather can make the small wires brittle and when the wind blows them, this can result in a broken wire that will lead to a potential fire.


Questions About Materials -

  • Does Custom Christmas Lighting rent materials?
    • Yes, on Commercial jobs.
  • Does Custom Christmas Lighting sell materials?
    • Yes
  • What happens if materials fail?
    • We will replace any non-working materials for free! Thatís our LIFE-TIME GUARANTEE!
  • How long can I expect materials to last?
    • Depending on the amount of operating time and weather conditions, usually 7-10 years for the wire and 15 - 20 years on the LED bulbs. (Incandescent bulbs last 2 - 3 years only)
  • Are all C9 lights made the same?
    • No, the wiring is different in thickness and we only use quality products that will hold up over time.
  • What colors can we get bulbs in?
    • Clear (White), Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Multi


Questions About Removal -

  • Removal Process?
    • Custom Christmas Lighting, LLC will carefully remove and label your materials and pack them for the next season.
  • Who supplies storage totes?
    • Custom Christmas Lighting, LLC will supply a storage tote for storage at our warehouse.

Questions About Insurance -

Questions About Energy Savings -

We canít imagine Christmas without lights but the reality is that in this day and age, they may unnecessarily consume a significant amount of energy. The good news is: THEY DON'T HAVE TO!

We strongly suggest replacing those strings of conventional incandescent Christmas lights with LEDís (light-emitting diodes). GO GREEN!  We are environmentally conscious and want to stress the extreme efficiency of LED lighting. We urge you to take a serious look at the energy savings when using LED bulbs rather than the traditional incandescent bulbs.They are at least 80 percent more efficient and last up to 50,000 hours or more; that's over 5 years of burning 24/7! In addition, LEDís greatly reduce the possibility of fire because there is very little heat produced by the light.

Give us a call and we'll answer any questions you may have about getting started with or upgrading to LED's.  They are the GREEN way to go!

Questions About Warranty -

  • As long as we hang your lights, all materials we've used and installed are warranted to work or we come out to fix it. See our Policies sheet for complete detail.






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