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We Are Now Closed
For The 2017 Season

We have wrapped up for this season on December 21st (as stated in our policies page).  We will be back on Tuesday, January 2nd to answer phones and remove lighting.

Thank you to our current customers who use our services year after year.  We are truly grateful and appreciate your business!

Merry Christmas

& Happy New Year!

Having Trouble with your Lights?

This is our busiest time of the year, please don't call and leave a message to call you back.  Instead, please use the form link below to submit any issues you're having with your lighting after installation.  We will address each issue in the order it was submitted.


In response to a common question: Yes, the installers do check the bulbs to make sure theyíre lit when they install the lights.  However, occasionally some bulbs become loose after installation because of cold-warm-wind-rain.  Sometimes they are lit when they are first plugged in and checked, then later when the customer turns them on, after 20 or 30 minutes of warming up, they go out.  Sometimes the LED bulbs are hard to see during the day when itís sunny. Sometimes the LED bulbs are dim because 1 or 2 of the 4 diodes are out and the installer cannot distinguish a dim bulb from a normal bulb due to the sunlight.

There are many reasons for lights to be out or dim and it is our goal to leave a job site with 100% of the bulbs working perfectly, but sometimes something happens that canít be helped and we appreciate your patience as we will respond to a fix ticket ASAP.

Lastly, almost every time a customer calls in with lights hanging off the roof, it is caused by wind blowing a tree or a flag that knocks the lights loose.  The light clips and/or anchors are not designed to take that kind of abuse.  The only way to prevent that from happening is to use staples. Before you submit a fix ticket, please review our policies page to make sure you understand how we cover your issue.

Thank you all for understanding and also for your business.  We appreciate you all very much and we will continue to work hard for your satisfaction.

God bless and Merry Christmas to all. 

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